Use Cases


New Team Member On-Boarding

Teaminbox helps make it easy to welcome a new voice to your project and team


Create New Member On-boarding Template

  • Create a template that contains a "new member on-boarding checklist", the people that need to be notified, the files that the new person might need, a welcome message and any other notes.

Post a message using the template

  • Once a person joins the team, post a new message and select the new member on-boarding template that you created.
  • The workspace that is created contains the files, action items and notes from your template. The workspace provides one place to track progress, assign new action items, post comments and ask questions to bring the new member along as smoothly as possible.

Team Performance Management

Use Teaminbox progress tracking to stay on top of issues, share progress, collaborate, and update stakeholders.


Daily view of completed tasks

  • Tasks marked completed within Teaminbox are displayed on the the progress page by completion date enabling easy team reviews and status reporting.

Using email for daily progress reporting

  • Update your profile to request a daily "What'd you accomplish today?" email that you can reply to with what you got done that day.
  • Use the daily replies to monitor exactly what has been done and what still needs to get done.

Helping Support Teams Better Manage How to Handle Application Errors and Alerts


Remembering to Get Things Done

  • Record the actions you need to take in response to an alert or application error pulled into the activity stream, and jot down notes as reminders to get them done.

Convert your How To & Troubleshooting Guides stored in word documents and wiki pages to a message template

  • Create action items, upload files, include subscribers, and set the note and description on a message template based on the content of your how to guides.
  • The real value of this conversion is realized when teaminbox receives an alert message from your error tracking and monitoring system that is set to trigger a message template and you open the newly posted message to see your "how to" contents from the template.


Converting existing conversations to a message template

  • Here's a common quandary - you spend days and days working on a problem. You build up a ton of comments, notes, uploaded files and completed action items, and you invite everyone you need to solve the problem; there's a lot of information and a lot of different voices involved.
  • Once the problem is solved and you can exhale for a bit, you're left with the problem of what to do with the wealth of information and knowledge accumulated.
  • With Teaminbox, all you have to do is just convert the information to a message template for future use.
  • You'll also be able to take a walk down memory lane at any time from the template details, so you can see the original message the template was created from.

So, how do we use integration combined with message template internally to handle major application errors

  • We create a template defining how to handle all major application errors.
  • We create an integration for each error, using the same email address but different message filter options and set the appropriate template.
  • We then set up our monitoring system to send alerts to the configured email address.
  • Once someone from the support team opens the alert that shows up in our activity stream, they will easily know how to handle the error - since the collaboration workspace created contains the notes, files and action items from our error handling template.