Knowledgebase built from day to day activities

Pull in content from external systems or post a message to spur
conversations, record action items and trigger a template.

Use Cases


New Team Member On-Boarding


Helping Support Teams Better Manage How to Handle Application Errors and Alerts


Team Performance Management


How It Works


Invite your colleagues to join your account

  • Whether they are members of your company, partners or vendors invite them to join your account.
  • Use the guest option to limit access to just the messages they have been subscribed to.

Streamline with templates

  • Post action items, upload files, include subscribers and set the note and description on a message template, all based on the content of your how-to and troubleshooting guides or team workflow.
  • Use the template when you post a new message or receive a message from an external system.

Pull in content from external systems

  • Integrating Teaminbox with your tools and services is a breeze. Each Teaminbox integration you create has an associated email address and an option to filter on the subject, body and from address.
  • Simply configure your tool or service to send an e-email to one of your Teaminbox integration.
  • Once the email is received, the message template you set is loaded and anyone set as a subscriber is alerted.


  • Brings your systems together into one simple feed.
  • React faster as a team because Teaminbox creates a shared workplace for your team to collaborate with comments and action items tied directly to message from your tools and services.

Post a message to spur conversations and record what needs to be done

  • Discussion, decisions, feedback, files and everything that needs to be done are kept in one place.
  • Lock messages so that they are only visible to people you invite to the discussion.
  • Pin and bookmark messages so they are easily accessible from your inbox.

Track the team's progress

  • Teaminbox provides a daily view of completed tasks for team reviews and status reporting.
  • In addition update your profile to request a daily "What'd you accomplish today?" email that you can reply to with what you got done that day.
  • The content of your reply is available from the progress page so everyone stays in the loop with what's most important and start a conversation.

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